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  • Spice (Saturday, September 14 19 12:30 am EDT)

    Glad to see that this place is doing great. It's been about 10 to 15 years since my last visit. I performed on your talent night shows during 2000-02. May have to swing by and say hi to everyone so I can get caught up with all of what's new.

  • Stacy Adams (Friday, May 17 19 10:55 am EDT)

    Hello I'm looking forward to visiting Alan Golds as I have just recently moved to Chattanooga from San Diego, CA!

  • Mark (Friday, April 19 19 11:20 am EDT)

    Had the time of my life last night! The staff was so friendly and helpful and David poured cocktails that kept the party rolling! If you are reading this, please do yourself a favor and visit this amazing venue! (Haven't been hung over like this in years! It has taken 3 cups of coffee just to find the words! Lol)

  • mark russell (Thursday, November 29 18 04:33 pm EST)

    always loved meeting all the awesome people. the bar scene is always so amazing. hoping to see everyone soon.

  • M (Friday, November 16 18 01:42 pm EST)

    Really excellent place and extremely love going to Alan Gold's with my Sister.

  • Daniel Stewart (Tuesday, July 17 18 02:55 pm EDT)

    Ive always loved Alan's. Great staff, show, and atmosphere!

  • b (Wednesday, May 23 18 05:44 pm EDT)

    Hey guys im here about every weekend and love the place. I know it is no hip hop or r&b however I would like if you could find a dance version of blackbears doe rae mi. keep doing a great job

  • Michelle Holliday (Tuesday, May 08 18 01:57 pm EDT)

    I just want to say how sweet! I was feeling a little homesick and I checkout the website and see this wonderful post. I needed this today.

    Thank you,
    Love Chelle

  • Mario Hill (Friday, April 20 18 10:15 am EDT)

    love this place!! I come here when I'm having a bad day at work and it puts me in a great mood!

  • Bob (Saturday, April 07 18 04:34 pm EDT)

    cruising the net looking for someplace nice to go without the risk of going into a 'dive'.

  • Melody Santiz (Sunday, February 18 18 11:50 am EST)

    Had a blast last night celebrate our friends birthday! Shoe was awesome. Best bar in Chattanooga!

  • Amy Hall (Wednesday, January 18 17 11:11 am EST)

    I had never been here until last weekend and the dancing on stage was BEAUTIFUL it made me SO happy to see the dancers so happy. <3 You offer a safe haven for people to feel loved and that is amazing.

  • Mark an Artisan Dude (Saturday, September 24 16 05:25 am EDT)

    Best in the South.

    From DJ, Bartender to everyone who works there, all are great people.

    Michelle Holliday is so talented & a Star who will take the time to talk with you when possible.

    Great prices, drinks, music & a nice crowd.

  • Toeme Some (Monday, August 22 16 02:44 am EDT)

    Live in Cleveland, has been a long time but Loved every visit!

  • Donald (Sunday, February 07 16 04:14 pm EST)

    Alan Gold and Massie are truly Golden.
    If ever in TN. I will be sure to visit. But for know I have Brits.

  • Joe Culbert (Tuesday, January 26 16 01:08 am EST)

    Had a lot of fun there! Met some great people to! Miss many faces ! Nice to see your site !

  • Kym (Thursday, January 21 16 06:35 pm EST)

    Love going there havent been in years may be there soon. Great music and lots of fun my favorite club

  • Emily Hicks (Saturday, January 16 16 12:18 pm EST)

    When I was 23; I landed in Chattanooga with nothing more than 100 dollars and the clothes on my back. At the airport I took the 1st job I could find and became Chatt's premiere female nightshift
    cabbie. My first nights were full of terrors- meth heads and theives... but just as I was about to give up hope, I discovered Alan Golds. No exaggeration: you were my absolute salvation. I look back
    fondly on the summer I spent exclusively chauffeuring your clientele. Y'all were kind to me- y'all gave me a safe place to work at night; told me where the good food was, and gave me all the business
    I needed to get back on my feet safely. I'm a boring city executive now, but I still look back on this place and community with so much fondness. You are a treasure. I don't know Where I Would Be
    Today Without Alan Golds and the precious people who fill this space with warmth and exuberance. <3

  • nichelle weaver (Sunday, January 10 16 09:43 pm EST)

    hello im nichelle in im new to town in would love to come visit your club i heard good things so ill b to visit soon

  • Charles Somerset (Monday, November 02 15 05:01 pm EST)

    In the mid-eighties, Alan & Macie gave me my first professional break as a DJ. At the time, I was terrified to approach them with the idea, because I'm straight, which I naively assumed would
    pose a problem with some members of the audience. But they didn't seem to mind, and neither did the crowd. Spinning early tracks by bands like New Order, Bronski Beat, and kissing The Pink were some
    of my favorite memories, and the acceptance by a crowd that was so culturally and sexually diverse was a feeling that I will always cherish. I still remember being approached by a performer named
    Coco Chanel who I mistakenly thought was propositioning me. I'll never forget her reply. "I wasn't hitting on you, baby. And even if I was, I'm a woman, so it's okay." I was embarrassed, but secretly
    flattered. I'll never forget those times. I professionally DJed for a few more years while doing other jobs, but eventually I started a family and settled down. But what those early days did for me
    was give me confidence. i still DJ a bit, but these days I'm happy with music production. Thank you Alan (those free dogs on Sunday were always appreciated), Macie (you and the Yorkie covering the
    door always made it seem somehow more exotic), and all staff at Alan's for making me feel loved. They were the best of times. Cheers, and keep dancing.

  • Tanisha Thomas (Sunday, October 04 15 11:48 pm EDT)

    Hello love the show just need more variety of music.

  • Dan Clarke (Sunday, September 27 15 05:22 pm EDT)

    This was such a fun bar that I used to visit every weekend until I moved to California in 1981. I'm glad Chattanooga still has a friendly place to meet others and have fun.

  • Rachael Blackton (Saturday, September 26 15 11:57 pm EDT)

    My first bar at 18 and at 42 I still consider it to be my bar

  • Sabrina (Sunday, August 09 15 10:36 am EDT)

    Had a great first time last night! Will definitely be back!

  • Monique (Thursday, July 09 15 02:16 pm EDT)


  • Josh Weller (Thursday, July 09 15 01:53 pm EDT)

    I've had the time of my life this summer getting to be myself at Alan Gold's! If you've met me there or around town feel free to shoot me a text to introduce yourself. I love meeting all you guys!!
    423-208-3028 :)

  • Robin (Saturday, May 02 15 08:24 pm EDT)

    Hello everyone sorry for your loss.

  • Tim & Craig Cason (Friday, April 17 15 11:19 pm EDT)

    We will miss you so much Carl. Much love to you.

  • David (Monday, April 13 15 11:52 am EDT)

    Thanks, from the few of us who don\'t do Facebook, for posting an update on Carl. A friend told me about the accident but didn\'t know how he was. I\'m an \"oldtimer\" that doesn\'t go out anymore
    but have known Carl for yrs from down there. Will be keeping him in my thoughts & hope he keeps improving & can recover. Please post more updates as you get them, if possible. Thanks.

  • Larry Teglia (Tuesday, March 10 15 08:15 pm EDT)

    While in Chattanooga, on a recent visit, I had a great and fun time at Alan Gold\'s! The Entertainer\'s were all very friendly and very professional!

  • Christie (Sunday, February 08 15 11:28 am EST)

    Never been hopefully in April I\'m excited..

  • billy dietrich (Sunday, January 11 15 09:28 pm EST)

    i will be there love your website

  • John (Friday, January 02 15 02:27 pm EST)

    OMG.... I can\'t believe you guys are still there. I lived in Chattanooga many years ago and loved going to your bar. Wow!!! Will like your Facebook page and follow you!

  • TODD (Saturday, December 13 14 10:40 pm EST)



  • James (Sunday, November 02 14 11:27 am EST)

    Hello, does anyone know how i could contact old friends whose stage names were Rachel McClain and Vanessa Michele? They were active doing shows back in the 80\'s. I\'d love to see how they are doing.
    Appreciate any help.

  • Joanie Rhudy (Monday, September 22 14 04:52 pm EDT)

    Girls night out...Had a Blast! Everyone was really nice and we all danced all night long. Drinks were strong and well worth the money! The cross dancers were amazingly good! We will for sure be

  • jordan (Tuesday, August 26 14 11:06 am EDT)

    so kool

  • Hayes Moody (Saturday, July 12 14 09:58 pm EDT)

    I love this place!

  • amy baughman (Friday, May 23 14 10:08 pm EDT)

    I Love The Music And The Atmosphere!

  • Eric Roper (Tuesday, April 22 14 01:15 pm EDT)

    Currently Deployed in Afghanistan can't wait to go back with my wife had a blast last time I was there.

  • Risky Theresa (Sunday, April 20 14 10:47 pm EDT)

    I heard good things... cant wait 2 visit u guys!!!!

  • rich (Tuesday, March 11 14 04:37 pm EDT)

    loved the drinks. loved the hot cross dressers. next time i hoe not to be so shy so can to talk to people.

  • timid blond (Tuesday, March 11 14 04:35 pm EDT)

    it was fun but didnt find anyone to talk to. drinks was great, men was hot, just wish had not been so shy. loved the beautiful cross dressers.

  • Tony Whittemore (Friday, February 14 14 03:19 pm EST)

    Have loved Alan golds for many years

  • Sonny (Sunday, January 12 14 08:08 pm EST)

    For me? I recently came out of the closet inspired by young people I video chatted at I had no gay friends or gay bars around until now. :)

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